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AJs Birthday

AJs six next Wednesday (24th August) so we thought it might be a nice gesture if everyone could donate just a little to his Fund as a birthday prezzie even £1 would make a huge difference and we would really appreciate it.

Another idea we came up with was to allow family, friends, sponsors, well wisher's and anybody else to be able to post a brief Birthday message or wish on this website for a small fee of course (no more than 40 words please) 

If you wish to post a birthday message please email it to the Website Administrator Alan or text it to 07961307170 with the message, your name and how much you pledge (£2 minimum please) to have it published on the website, for example,

Smile "Happy birthday AJ, hope you have a fantastic day and all your dreams come true" Love Alan Massey and Family - pledged £5

Then send the donate separately using one of the following:

At a Bank:
Donations for AJS Operation can be made at any Barclays Bank
AJS Operation The Smiley Face Appeal
Sort Code: 20-02-77
Account Number: 53079945

Pay by Cheque:
Cheques can be made payable to:
AJS Operation The Smiley Face Appeal
and sent to;

The Smiley Face Appeal
4 Morecambe Close
Newton Heath
M40 2FD

By text from your phone
If you would like to text your donation please send:
WALK76 £(amount)
to 70070

Do not send birthday wish messages to this number just donations!

By Contacting AJs mum Leeanne direct:
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Telephone: 07888824703

Every penny of your donation goes direct to AJ


Donation thank you's

There are already far to many persons to name who have helped AJ and thanking them individually is not always possible, even so it is very important to us as a family to say thank you as without your support and kindness we would not be able to raise this sort of money!

Every single one of you are hero's whether you took part in an event or just helped out, if you raised £1000 or donated £0.50 from your pocket money it all means the same!

If your name appears here we are indepted to your forever and will always remember your efforts:

Darren, Tony, David, Danny, Micheal and James who took part in the 2011 Manchester Urbanathlon Athlon.
Alan Massey, John Dwan for waiving the fees and sorting out the entries at The Manchester Urbanathlon.
Laura and Maureen Football name cards.
Juilie Fazackerley Tarot readings.
Mr Scott for donation.
Mr Hedley Carter donation.
Chariot Supplies Bussiness donation.
Laura and Maureen Pub collection.
Tesco Bag packing droylsden, thanks to everybody who helped out and raised a massive £1,030.00.
Laura and Maureen football name cards again!
Sharron Senior for donation.
Grove pub ashton new road for there collection box donation.
Martins Bakery donation.
Martins Hazels Rajas combined collection box's donation.
Peppers, Yummy Box, Smart Cafe collection box's donation.
Laura and Maureen football name cards more! go girls! donation.
David Johnson Urban Athlon sponsor money donation.
Jessica Chadwick Sponsored weight loss, Wow! donation.
Andrew Telford AJS dad's Road Trip donation.
Nicola Lowrie and little Leah for the donation.
Andrew Telford AJs dad - Fun Day in Wales donation.
Jaqueline Ward (works collection)
Jaqueline Ward, friends donation
Nephra HQ cheque

Sharron Senior cash collected at Nephra,
Sharron Seniors neighbours donation
Wells Centre (Football cards)
Alan Massey (sponsored collection boxes so we can buy more)
Nicola and Pat Football cards  (Football cards)
Nats collection box, thanks to all your customers
Pub Collection Mina and Leeanne
Darren Keelen 5k heaton park run £51.00
Brians Chippy Collection Box, great fish and great customers
Charity Night At working mens club, for the fantastic total of £900.00,
Collection at Robyn Hood Camp Wales,
Family at the Maze donation,
Karan Fowler personal donation,
Martins and Hazels Collection Box,
Boxing at Clarendon pub collection, many thanks
Boxing at Newton Heath W.M.C. Collection well done!
Heather Johnson 5K Heaton Park Run a massive £425.00,
Jo Bruton (Football Cards)
Mathew Selby Bungee jump sponsorship,
Adam McNelis Leg wax, ouch!,
Chrystal demonsrtaion at the Millbrook,
Charity Night at the Haddon Hall, thanks to all who attended and especially the manager!
Crystal demonstration at Openshaw AEU, thanks again Kerry
Collection boxes, various please keep up the good work
Kerry Duncan Bungee Jump sponsorship, Rather you than me,
AFC Clayton Juniors Donation, a brilliant £50
Gina and Brian Kennedy, thanks for the donation
Darren Holt Bungee sponsor £720.00 outstanding 
Greg Clarke pub collection £247.00 thanks, great work
Adam McNelis leg wax sponsor, more for the pot
Peter Bowden Bungee Sponsor, thanks pete
Graham Claraghan Pub Collection box another great total
Stella star night Stanley street club thanks kerry
Peter Burgess bungee sponsor 
BT Etchells - rimmer £105.00
Crystal Demo £128.00 that kerry again

Trisha Ward bungee sponsor £30.00
Collection Box,s £54.28 thanks to Nats, Raja's, Copynook news
Collection Box's £62.82 Brian's chippy, Chariots
Collection Box's £51.53 Village Hair (mens), Maine Road chippy
Mina Maine Road Chippy collection £94.04, thanks Mina
Levenshulme School Collection £106.00 big thank you to you all
Flixton Fireworks Night £144.73 went with a bang
Chris Bruton bungee sponsor £107.00 cheer chris
Nikki Godwin bungee sponsor £80 and Nikki
Derrick donation £20
Tracy Croxton bungee sponsor £126.00 very brave
AOR Street collection £128.66 thanks, debbie
Ravensbury school dress down day £205.11 hope you all had fun
Graham and Maureen Bus Depo Collection £34.00 thanks
Collection Box's £304.50 Sports City, what lovely people
Carl Senior donaation £10.50 thanks Carl
Hair raising sponsor money £101.50
Northfields day care collection box £39.00 thank you so much
Katie my midwifes donation £10.00 thanks for all your help
Crystal demo stanley street £75.00 jerry again
Debbie and leeanne pub collection £95.72 we didn't drink, honest
Hancoks Collection Box £64.59 sweet success
Morrisons Bag Packing £776.55 several more reasons to shop here!
Jacquline Ward's works collection box £48.70, thanks everyone 
Street collection Man City collected £987.16, great amount
Gina & Rob Kennedy for raising £166.00 thank you
AEU charity night £236.05,
Exact Abacus workers, dress down day £66.00, hope you all had a fun day! 
6 Collection box's £63.65, much apprecicated
Laura & maureen ward 5k walk £230.00 hope you recovered quickly
Steven, football cards £100.00
Tony's Stadium Chippy, Grey Mare Lane £138.79 in one small collection box WOW! and special thanks to the customer who put in a £20 note, your so kind!
Collette collection box, thanks a lot £40.51
Mina Fahey sky dive sponsor £10.00 thanks for all the support
Biscuit Raffle heather Johnson £100.00 great raffle total
Round Table company donation £500.00 thanks very much, great work as usual

Maria posted donation £15.00 still adding
Colette tutu pub crawl £72.85 brave you
Mina & Leeanne pub collection £106.15 thanks the continued support
Sophia family collection £46.19 thanks to all the family really nice of you to think of AJ on such a special day
Clarendon pub collection box £141.99 massive total and very welcome!
Collection boxes (various) another £65.38 for the pot,
Asda Pilsworth bag pack, thanks everybody for your hard work £307.66,
Anonymous (Martins Bakery) to the person concerned, it's much appreciated £600.00,
Street Collection Man City raised, another great result £752.50,
Bungee Peter Bowden, thanks pete, keep it up £30.00,
Tony Urbanathlon, braved the race in spite of the soaking £28.00,
Leslie Evans Urbanathlon, another brave runner £52.00,
Lord Raglan, massive collection from the patron's £349.43,
C/boxes, Brians, Martins, Collette x 2, thanks again £114.20,
Tu Tu Walk (sponsorship) sooner you than me! £132.00,
Brians Chippy C/B, many thanks to Brians customers £21.75
Martins Bakery C/B, many thanks to Martins customers £38.84
Hazels Bakery C/B, many thanks to Hazels customers £27.85
Colette Café C/B, many thanks to their customers £6.10
Colette Martins C/B, many thanks to their customers £19.71
Man City Street collection, great support as usual £457.71
Sharron Senior cake raffle, thanks aunty sharron £61.00
Callum Harrison urban Athlon sponsor, great run £100.00
School Fayre £117.00 banked, thanks for the support £62.00
Collection boxes (paid out) - £55.00
Butties Café C/B, many thanks to their customers £4.13
Village Hair C/B, many thanks to their customers £11.59
Peppers C/B, many thanks to their customers £6.78
Yummies C/B, many thanks to their customers£13.12
Tony’s stadium chippy C/B, many thanks to their customers £35.75
Chariot C/B, many thanks to chariots customers £7.60

Tony’s Chippy Ancotes C/B, massive support as usual £181.32
Darren Finn Urban Athlon sponsor, thanks darren £140.00
Ajs Christmas party, thanks to mum and everybody who helped £411.45
Becci change jar, thanks sis £17.85
Kerry & Carl C/B, thanks £44.00
Man City Street collection, more supports from the fans £751.83
Ann Pearson Urban Athlon sponsor, thanks Ann £160.00
Troydale change jar, thanks to the residents £10.37
Troydale change jar, thanks to the residents £38.25
Dolwyn house carol singing, Wow £105.05
Ajs wristbands, £144.50
Sharron Senior north fields day care, thanks aunty sharron £177.00
Ajs wristbands Sarah Wales £81.20
Strawberry duck Boxing day, amazing, thanks so much £1,040.00
Tuesday darts team strawberry duck, thanks to the darts team £40.00
Welton &Co ltd, thank you £50.00
Tony’s chippy Ancoats, great support from your customers £85.00
Street collection town &city stadium £355.00
Kelly Lucas C\B, thanks £37.50
Troydale tenants change jar, thanks again £37.50
Joanne Hutchinson bungee sponsor, £25.00
Adam Green urbanathlon sponsor, thanks Adam £20.00
Kellogg Colin Newsome colleagues donations  £282.16
Town centre street collection, what a great day £1,028.50
Man city street collection, even better, amazing support £914.94
Martins Bakery C\B, thanks to their customers £ 94.70
Kerry & Carl C\B, thanks to both of you £55.65
Ajs Wristbands (Laura &Maureen) £35.50
My Mums neighbour, wow £69.00
Wells centre C/B, great support £31.21
Peppers food stand, thanks to their customers £13.92
Brians chippy, thanks to their customers £36.27
Maine Road chippy C/B, thanks to their customers £17.02
Tony’s stadium chippy C/B, thanks to their customers £64.63
Yummie box café C/B, thanks to their customers £2.74
Hazels Bakery C/B, thanks to their customers £27.08

Jacks off licence C/B, thanks jack and their customers £7.35
Copynook news C/B, thanks to their customers £13.98
Rajas C/B, thanks to their customers £10.70
Morrison’s Bag Packing, another great bag pack £949.31
Man city street collection, thanks kerry £308.05
Jacqueline Ward C/B, thanks £8.40
Bury new market C/B, thanks to all their customers £13.95
Lisa C/B, thanks Lisa £16.85
Xmas party tickets, £40.00
Grove C/B, thanks to their customers £27.50
AEU C/B, thanks to their customers  £13.10
Peppers Ashton Old Road C/B, great total £79.43
Foresters C/B, another fantastic collection £83.55
Ajs passport (paid out) - £57.15
Crystal Demo, thenaks kerry £73.00
Joan personal Donation, thanks joan £50.00
CFO Certificate, Leeanne (paid out) - £82
CFO Certificate, Kerry (paid out) - £82

Please accept our appologies if your name is not listed yet, we can assure you that your efforts are valued just as much and we will get around to posting your name as soon as possible.

Please understand that this is a mammoth task and keeps us busy every day which means we don't always have the time to say thank you as we should.

Lot's of Love
AJ and Family

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