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Should Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) be available in the UK

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Mina Main Road Chippy collection                      £94.04,
Levenshulme School Collection                        £106.00,
Flixton Fireworks Night                                    £144.73,
Chris Bruton bungee sponsor                         £107.00,
Nikki Godwin bungee sponsor                           £80,
Derrick donation                                                £20,
Tracy Croxton bungee sponsor                      £126.00,
AOR Street collection                                      £128.66,
Ravensbury school dress down day              £205.11,
Graham and Maureen Bus Depo Collection    £34.00,
Collection Box's                                             £304.50,
Carl Senior dona                                           £10.50,
Hair raising sponsor money                          £101.50,
Northfields day care collection box                £39.00,
Katie my midwifes donation                           £10.00,
Crystal demo stanley street                           £75.00,
Debbie and leeanne pub collection                £95.72,
Hancoks Collection Box                                  £64.59,
Morrisons Bag Packing                                   £776.55,
Jacquline Ward's work, collection box            £48.70,
Street collection Man City, raised                   £987.16,
Gina & Rob Kennedy for raising                     £166.00,
AEU charity night                                          £236.05,
Exact Abacus workers, dress down day        £66.00,
6 Collection box's                                          £63.65,
Laura & maureen ward 5k walk                    £230.00,
Steven, football cards                                   £100.00,
Wristbands/Friendship bands paid out            -£175,
Colette collection box                                     £40.51,
Tony’s Stadium chippy Gray Mare Lane        £138.79,
Mina Fahey sky dive sponsor                         £10.00,
Biscuit Raffle heather Johnson                     £100.00,
Round Table company donation                   £500.00,
Maria posted donation                                   £15.00,
Colette tutu pub crawl                                   £72.85,
Mina & Leeanne pub collection                     £106.15,
Sophia family collection                                  £46.19,
Clarendon pub collection box                       £141.99,  

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