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Should Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) be available in the UK

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AJ's operation will take place today (Thursday 10th May) at 6pm UK time and the surgery will take approximately four hours to complete.

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Donation thank you's
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Maria posted donation £15.00 still adding
Colette tutu pub crawl £72.85 brave you
Mina & Leeanne pub collection £106.15 thanks the continued support
Sophia family collection £46.19 thanks to all the family really nice of you to think of AJ on such a special day
Clarendon pub collection box £141.99 massive total and very welcome!
Collection boxes (various) another £65.38 for the pot,
Asda Pilsworth bag pack, thanks everybody for your hard work £307.66,
Anonymous (Martins Bakery) to the person concerned, it's much appreciated £600.00,
Street Collection Man City raised, another great result £752.50,
Bungee Peter Bowden, thanks pete, keep it up £30.00,
Tony Urbanathlon, braved the race in spite of the soaking £28.00,
Leslie Evans Urbanathlon, another brave runner £52.00,
Lord Raglan, massive collection from the patron's £349.43,
C/boxes, Brians, Martins, Collette x 2, thanks again £114.20,
Tu Tu Walk (sponsorship) sooner you than me! £132.00,
Brians Chippy C/B, many thanks to Brians customers £21.75
Martins Bakery C/B, many thanks to Martins customers £38.84
Hazels Bakery C/B, many thanks to Hazels customers £27.85
Colette Café C/B, many thanks to their customers £6.10
Colette Martins C/B, many thanks to their customers £19.71
Man City Street collection, great support as usual £457.71
Sharron Senior cake raffle, thanks aunty sharron £61.00
Callum Harrison urban Athlon sponsor, great run £100.00
School Fayre £117.00 banked, thanks for the support £62.00
Collection boxes (paid out) - £55.00
Butties Café C/B, many thanks to their customers £4.13
Village Hair C/B, many thanks to their customers £11.59
Peppers C/B, many thanks to their customers £6.78
Yummies C/B, many thanks to their customers£13.12
Tony’s stadium chippy C/B, many thanks to their customers £35.75
Chariot C/B, many thanks to chariots customers £7.60

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