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Should Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) be available in the UK

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AJ's operation will take place today (Thursday 10th May) at 6pm UK time and the surgery will take approximately four hours to complete.

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Trisha Ward bungee sponsor £30.00
Collection Box,s £54.28 thanks to Nats, Raja's, Copynook news
Collection Box's £62.82 Brian's chippy, Chariots
Collection Box's £51.53 Village Hair (mens), Maine Road chippy
Mina Maine Road Chippy collection £94.04, thanks Mina
Levenshulme School Collection £106.00 big thank you to you all
Flixton Fireworks Night £144.73 went with a bang
Chris Bruton bungee sponsor £107.00 cheer chris
Nikki Godwin bungee sponsor £80 and Nikki
Derrick donation £20
Tracy Croxton bungee sponsor £126.00 very brave
AOR Street collection £128.66 thanks, debbie
Ravensbury school dress down day £205.11 hope you all had fun
Graham and Maureen Bus Depo Collection £34.00 thanks
Collection Box's £304.50 Sports City, what lovely people
Carl Senior donaation £10.50 thanks Carl
Hair raising sponsor money £101.50
Northfields day care collection box £39.00 thank you so much
Katie my midwifes donation £10.00 thanks for all your help
Crystal demo stanley street £75.00 jerry again
Debbie and leeanne pub collection £95.72 we didn't drink, honest
Hancoks Collection Box £64.59 sweet success
Morrisons Bag Packing £776.55 several more reasons to shop here!
Jacquline Ward's works collection box £48.70, thanks everyone 
Street collection Man City collected £987.16, great amount
Gina & Rob Kennedy for raising £166.00 thank you
AEU charity night £236.05,
Exact Abacus workers, dress down day £66.00, hope you all had a fun day! 
6 Collection box's £63.65, much apprecicated
Laura & maureen ward 5k walk £230.00 hope you recovered quickly
Steven, football cards £100.00
Tony's Stadium Chippy, Grey Mare Lane £138.79 in one small collection box WOW! and special thanks to the customer who put in a £20 note, your so kind!
Collette collection box, thanks a lot £40.51
Mina Fahey sky dive sponsor £10.00 thanks for all the support
Biscuit Raffle heather Johnson £100.00 great raffle total
Round Table company donation £500.00 thanks very much, great work as usual

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