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Should Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) be available in the UK

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Please be patient; We receive donations daily and we are so busy with everything that is going on at the moment that it takes a little time to update things.

These are all the current payments that have been paid into the Barclays account the total is now £22,891.15  We also have Just giving donations of £1130.30 including text giving donations of £228

Current total £24,021.45

Mr Baker                                                                  £100.00,
Laura and Maureen Football name cards                   £61.00,
Juilie Fazackerley Tarot readings                              £100.00,
Mr Scott personal Cheque                                        £25.00,
Mr Hedley Carter Chariots persoal cheque               £100.00,
Chariot Supplies Bussiness cheque                            £100.00,
Urban Athlon                                                           £518.00,
Laura and Maureen Pub collection                             £180.00,
Tesco Bag packing droylsden                                    £1,030.00,
Laura and Maureen football name cards                    £96.00,
Sharron Senior Cheque                                            £61.00,
Grove pub ashton new road collection box                  £41.00,
Martins Bakery                                                            £41.50,
Martins Hazels Rajas combined collection box's           £95.00,
Peppers, Yummy Box, Smart Cafe collection box's       £27.50,
Laura and Maureen football name cards                     £40.00,
David Johnson Urban Athlon sponsor money               £48.00,
Jessica Chadwick Sponsored weight loss                    £350.00,
Andrew Telford AJS dad Road Trip                              £200.00,
Nicola Lowrie and little Leah personal cheque             £200.00,
Andrew Telford AJs dad Fun Day in Wales                  £291.80,
Jaqueline Ward (works collection box)                       £60.00,
Jaqueline Ward (friends donation)                             £65.00,
Nephra HQ cheque (Sharron Senior)                          £50.00,
Sharron Senior (£20 cash, Nephra + £5)                    £25.00,
Sharron Senior cheque £5 (old ladies donation)         £5.00,
Wells Centre (football cards)                                    £100.00,
Alan Massey sponsorship of collection boxes           £25.00,
Nicola and Pat Football cards                                   £60,
Nats collection box                                                   £38.00,

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