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Should Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) be available in the UK

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AJ met his consultant DR Park today (Wednesday 9th May) and "everything’s looking OK for surgery tomorrow"
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Pub Collection Mina and Leeanne                            £95.00,
Darren Keelen 5k heaton park run                          £51.00,
Brians Chippy Collection Box                                   £35.40,
Charity Night At working mens club                        £900.00,
Collection at Robyn Hood Camp Wales                   £100.00,
Family at the Worlds Biggest Maze donation           £10.00,
Karan Fowler, donation                                            £10.00,
Martins and Hazels Collection Box                           £93.00,
Heather Johnson 5K Heaton Park Run                     £425.00,
Boxing at Claraghan pub collection                        £183.50,
Boxing at Newton Heath W.M.C. Collection            £174.00,
Jo Bruton Football Cards                                         £40.00,
Mathew Selby Bungee sponsor                               £100.00,
Adam McNelis Leg wax                                            £320.00,
Chrystal demonstration at the Millbrook                  £127.00, 
Charity Night at the Haddon Hall                            £365.00,
Chrystal demonstration at the AEU Club               £192.50,
Keith Bunting Printing etc. paid out                        -£111, 
Collection boxes                                                    £125.50,
Kerry Duncan Bungee Sponsorship                       £150.00,
AFC Clayton Juniors donation                               £50.00,
Charity collection boxes paid out                             -£25,
Gina and Brian Kennedy donation                         £10.00,
Darren Holt Bungee sponsor       £720.00 banked £640,
Charity boxs paid out                                            -£80,
Greg Clarke pub collection                                   £247.00,
Adam McNelis leg wax sponsor                            £13.00,
Peter Bowden Bungee Sponsor                           £105.00,
Graham Claraghan Pub Collection box                £94.00,
Stella star night Stanley street club                    £115.00,
Peter Burgess bungee sponsor                          £50.00,
BT Etchells - rimmer                                            £105.00,
Crystal Demo                                                     £128.00,
Trisha Ward bungee sponsor                            £30.00,
Fireworks Paid out                                            -£160.00,
Collection Box,s                                                 £54.28,
Collection Box's                                                 £62.82,
Collection Box's                                                 £51.53,

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