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Should Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) be available in the UK

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AJ met his consultant DR Park today (Wednesday 9th May) and "everything’s looking OK for surgery tomorrow"
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Ajs wristbands Sarah Wales                    £81.20
Strawberry duck Boxing day                £1,040.00
Tuesday darts team strawberry duck       £40.00
Welton &Co ltd                                         £50.00
Tony’s chippy Ancotes                              £85.00
Street collection town &city stadium      £355.00
Kelly Lucas C\B                                        £37.50
Troydale tenants change jar                   £37.50
Joanne Hutchinson bungee sponsor       £25.00
Adam Green urbanathlon sponsor         £120.00
Kellogg Colin Newsome colleagues donations  £282.16
Town centre street collection              £1,028.50
Man city street collection                        £914.94
Martins Bakery C\B                                  £ 94.70
Kerry & Carl C\B                                       £55.65
Ajs Wristbands (Laura &Maureen            £35.50
My Mums neighbour                                 £69.00
Wells centre C/B                                      £31.21
Peppers food stand                                 £13.92
Brians chippy                                           £36.27
Maine Road chippy C/B                            £17.02
Tony’s stadium chippy C/B                       £64.63
Yummie box café C/B                                 £2.74
Hazels Bakery C/B                                   £27.08
Jacks off licence C/B                                  £7.35
Copynook news C/B                                £13.98
Rajas C/B                                                £10.70
Morrison’s Bag Packing                          £949.31
Man city street collection                       £308.05
Jacqueline Ward C/B                                 £8.40
Bury new market C/B                              £13.95
Lisa C/B                                                  £16.85
Xmas party tickets                                  £40.00
Grove C/B                                               £27.50
AEU C/B                                                  £13.10
Peppers Ashton Old Road C/B                £79.43
Foresters C/B                                         £83.55
Ajs passport (paid out)                        - £57.15
Crystal Demo                                         £73.00
Joan personal Donation                         £50.00

Many thanks to everybody who has donated, your donations mean so much and every single penny matters as it all go towards reaching the final goal of just over £50,000

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