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Should Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) be available in the UK

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AJ's operation will take place today (Thursday 10th May) at 6pm UK time and the surgery will take approximately four hours to complete.

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Tony’s Chippy Ancotes C/B, massive support as usual £181.32
Darren Finn Urban Athlon sponsor, thanks darren £140.00
Ajs Christmas party, thanks to mum and everybody who helped £411.45
Becci change jar, thanks sis £17.85
Kerry & Carl C/B, thanks £44.00
Man City Street collection, more supports from the fans £751.83
Ann Pearson Urban Athlon sponsor, thanks Ann £160.00
Troydale change jar, thanks to the residents £10.37
Troydale change jar, thanks to the residents £38.25
Dolwyn house carol singing, Wow £105.05
Ajs wristbands, £144.50
Sharron Senior north fields day care, thanks aunty sharron £177.00
Ajs wristbands Sarah Wales £81.20
Strawberry duck Boxing day, amazing, thanks so much £1,040.00
Tuesday darts team strawberry duck, thanks to the darts team £40.00
Welton &Co ltd, thank you £50.00
Tony’s chippy Ancoats, great support from your customers £85.00
Street collection town &city stadium £355.00
Kelly Lucas C\B, thanks £37.50
Troydale tenants change jar, thanks again £37.50
Joanne Hutchinson bungee sponsor, £25.00
Adam Green urbanathlon sponsor, thanks Adam £20.00
Kellogg Colin Newsome colleagues donations  £282.16
Town centre street collection, what a great day £1,028.50
Man city street collection, even better, amazing support £914.94
Martins Bakery C\B, thanks to their customers £ 94.70
Kerry & Carl C\B, thanks to both of you £55.65
Ajs Wristbands (Laura &Maureen) £35.50
My Mums neighbour, wow £69.00
Wells centre C/B, great support £31.21
Peppers food stand, thanks to their customers £13.92
Brians chippy, thanks to their customers £36.27
Maine Road chippy C/B, thanks to their customers £17.02
Tony’s stadium chippy C/B, thanks to their customers £64.63
Yummie box café C/B, thanks to their customers £2.74
Hazels Bakery C/B, thanks to their customers £27.08

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