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Should Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) be available in the UK

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If you have a message, thought or comment for AJ, Leeanne or Kerry, please send them to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   and I will post them on this website. Smile You can see an example or read the messages here
Messages and wishes

"Best wishes AJ, Leeanne and Kerry, hope everything goes well and we get you back home real soon".  "Our hearts and thoughts are with you always"

Lot's of love, Alan & Julie Massey  

"Good Luck :0)"
 Clare Lane Holmes (Facebook)

"Good luck mate"
Carl Baldry (Facebook)


"Thinking of AJ and all of u best of luck sure u won't need it x"
Susan Muldoon (Facebook)


"Well today is the day - good luck and we will be looking out for your updates x"
Jo Davies (Facebook)


"Aww, bless him :-) good luck AJ !! Xxx"
Melisa Rashbrook (Facebook)


"Good luck guys :)"
Cheryl Quayle (Facebook)


"Youve worked hard and deserve it. good luck xxx"
Debbie Blair (Facebook)


"Best of luck xx"
Tracey Fitzgerald (Facebook)


"i am glad he's safe and well"
Gordon Telford (Facebook)


"Good luck AJ :) xxx"
Nicola Williamson (Facebook)


"Thinking about you and the family today and every day till you are home"
Kay Nelson (Facebook)


"GooD luk hun hope all goes well big hugs for AJ :)"
Kayleigh Akid (Facebook)


"Good Luck Sweetheart xx"
Natalie Lord (Facebook)


"good luck leeanne it will all be worth it in the end i will go and see your dad every week for you x"
Melissa Senior (Facebook)


"Good luck x"
Emma Gibson (Facebook)


"Good luck, I will look forward to your updates on here. xx"
Michaela Carty (Facebook)


"best of luck xx"
Julia Gallimore (Facebook)


"Well done AJ a Beaver Scout at last promise said all ready to go to the USA"
Sharon Bowles (Facebook)


"The best ov luck to u n aj hope all goes well "
Jude Thompson (Facebook)

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